Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Beauly to Fort Williams

Tuesday 29th March 2011 65.71 Miles 5hr 45mins 11.34mph Average Speed 186.62 Total Miles Another cooked breakfast and as we ate we listened to a story where all Scottish mainlanders were forced to leave the country by burning of villages so that sheep could be kept in their place. Leaving at 9am we climbed almost immediately up 250 metres for about 10 miles then the descent was very steep at 15%. Even with breaks fully applied the bikes would not stop. We rolled into Drumnadrochit after 15 miles which is the tourist town of Loch Ness! We had a hot chocolate to warm ourselves before following the A82 alongside the Loch. The road was undulating and very scenic but we were unable to spot Nessie. We stoped to have a look at the Urquhart Castle before continuing to the end of the Loch to stop at Fort Augustus after 33 miles. As we turned into the town I stopped to photograph some hairy cow with horns when it took a fancy to me and came far too close for comfort and was shouting at me, calling me alsorts! Slightly panicked I returned to Betty just as Sam arrived to save the day. We had a terrible plastic cheese sandwich for lunch that was grossly overpriced. We set off concerned that we have only covered half the miles for the day. We had only been gone about 8 miles when it started spitting so we took cover under a petrol station roof in Invergarry to put on waterproofs. The next stop was at Spean Bridge at the end of Loch Lochy 15 miles on and at the top of a stonking hill that was nasty having already covered 50 miles. With all our bums numb from the climb we found a little chef with a comfy chair for another hot chocolate as it was still spitting. So far on the trip this would be our end point for the day but the good news was we were on top of a big hill so it was all down hill for 10 miles into Fort Williams so we went for it. We came across an amazing viewpoint of the snow covered mountain tops including Ben Nevis with a war memorial standing tall. The next 10 miles was lovley riding, its so nice when the downhill covers many miles. We located the B&B at 6pm which was not bad considering the long days riding. Having no headwind and fabulous scenery really helped us today. A short walk into town we came across a pub with a sofa where we enjoyed our well earned dinner. Just to mention that my job is photos and blog, dad's is finding somewhere for dinner and pace setting and sam's is B&B booker and is in charge of the wallet. She has sufferred from a snotty nose that is getting worse and has now resorted to lemsips. She has today cycled the furthest she has ever cycled and over the highest hill she has ever climbed! Good on ya.

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  1. keep going people. judging by the conditions i reckon it would have been better to do it the other way around - LEJOG!!