Saturday, 12 March 2011

Training Ride

Saturday 12th March 2011

Today was our first training ride with all three of us together. The sun was shining and we were blessed with blue skies, perfect riding weather.

We set off to Eynsford then followed our noses through to Kemsing and Wrotham before arriving home approx 4 hours later with 36 miles under our belts. Of course we had a couple of cheeky stops at a sweet shop and to pet Derek and Madge the donkeys, as you do.

We made it to the highest point in Kent a few times during the ride and it certainly felt like it! I am sure the entire ride was up hill! Its only two weeks before we leave and have set ourselves a target of 50 miles a day each day for 3 weeks with the only planned day off to climb Ben Nevis.

Today the weather was amazing but this morning we all watched a BBC news weather report that showed a huge blanket of snow right the way across the north! Nightmare, fingers crossed it clears in the next two weeks! Come rain, wind, shine or snow we will make it, im sure! It just may be a bit of a shock to the system as to date I have only cycled in sunny countries and for Sam and Dad this is their first cycle tour. One of the major concerns is directions, we are going to be lost with out Kris to follow!

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