Saturday, 19 March 2011

Final Training Ride

Saturday 19th March 2011

Today was our final training ride before we leave for Scotland. With more blue skies and the sun shining Dad and I met up with Sam at Cobham Church to start our planned ride to my brother Mark’s house in Folkestone. We set off through Cobham to join the Cuxton Road and then took the old A20 which is the road we followed pretty much all day. One long straight road is always a bonus with my navigational skills!

We took our first rest break after 15 miles at Aylesford on the bank of the river Medway. We managed to locate a sweet shop that sold my Dad’s favourite Eccles cakes which went down well. We continued on to take another break after 22 miles in the grounds of Leeds Castle. The next stop was in Charing having done 31 miles where we found a pub that was open as it was now lunch time. A few power bars, a Shandy and a hot chocolate later we cracked on.

By this stage my dad aged 59, being very nearly twice my age, was leaving me behind! Both Sam and I were trailing behind but Sam had an excuse as she was cycling her bike fully loaded with 4 panniers and a bar bag packed with all the gear she is taking on the trip. My Dad and I on the other hand were cycling with two panniers and a bar bag stuffed with fleeces and dressing gowns! Not quite so heavy, or organised but at least we would keep warm if need be!

Sam and I were struggling for the last 5 miles where we were hit with a few hills. We stopped on the roadside at a roundabout where I attempted to regain some feeling in my bum. We arrived at Marks and enjoyed a nice cuppa tea having cycled 50miles! Mum had met us there to load the bikes on the bike rack and drive us home. Unfortunately, only two bikes would fit on the rack so my bike Betty was left behind in Folkestone. I shall consider fetching it one night this week as we leave on Friday! I can not imagine doing today’s ride again tomorrow and the next day, and the next day for 3 weeks!


  1. You are all totally mad!!!
    Not sure whether you should be excited or nervous now but good luck to you all!

  2. enjoy it boys and girls. it will be over before you know it.