Saturday, 26 March 2011

Gravesend to Scotland

Friday 25th March 2011

After half a day at work we did some last minute packing leaving behind a few bits that now the bike is fully loaded we realise we don’t really need to carry! A slight adjustment to dads gears turned sour and we rushed his bike up to Halfords for a quick last minute health check. Panic over we loaded the bikes, said our farewells and cycled into Gravesend. We met Sam there and were pleased to see she had not had a change of heart.

As we were ahead of time we managed to jump on the earlier train which was the fast train up to London St Pancreas. Before we knew it we were walking the bikes in Central London to Euston station where we had an hour and a half wait which flew past with a cuppa tea. In the meantime we dodged a thief stealing a handbag, put Soya milk in our tea by mistake and refused to pay 30p to spend a penny!

Thankfully we could load our bikes and gear on the sleeper train 45mins before it left. We had to hang the bikes vertically in the guards cabin then me and dad hiked up to the standard cabins while Sam drew the long straw and ended up in 1st class! Dad and I shared a bunk which was quite small but cosy and comfortable. We all sat chatting until 10pm then tried to get some sleep aided by the rocking motion of the train.

Dad and I met Sam in her single cabin at 7.30am to eat her cooked breakfast then we had a 30 min rest in the lounge cabin to take in the views which were spectacular but we could not help but notice the dark clouds, the mountains and the large patches of snow! How does it manage to be raining on our standard class window but not in 1st Class?!

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