Monday, 11 April 2011

Bath to Wellington

Monday 11th April 2011 56.61 Miles 5hr 37mins 10.08 mph Average Speed 809.43 Total Miles Breakfast stood out this morning as one of the best, we had eggs Benedict which I have never had before and it was delicious. We cycled up a hill round the back of our hotel to the Royal Circle which is a long curved row of huge town houses and was very impressive. It appears Bath is situated in a hole as any way you turn to leave the City you have to climb. We had a massive long climb but thankfully the gradient was not too steep, we just had to keep plodding and avoid the busses. The first 20 miles of today is hills and the last 35 miles is relatively flat. We had to follow quite busy A roads today which is horrible compared the tiny lanes we have been used to. In amongst the hills we came across a Road Closed Sign which is never good as we don’t like diversions and extra miles while pedal powered! We decided to ignore the sign and continue which was nice as it meant there were no cars on the road. When it came to the road block we were not allowed to pass so we stopped in Lynda’s Loafs for tea, cakes and advice having only done 15 miles. There were two hikers that showed us their ordinance survey map which was helpful as there was a small lane that ran parallel for a bit and cut out the closed road section. Unfortunately this was on a steep climb and as we kept going up we were in the clouds, literally, as there was so much mist and fog around. There was fine rain in the air and we were getting a bit wet then as we reached the top of the hill we had a steep decline which is when it rained harder and we got drenched and could not see a thing! It was quite scary as we were back on the main road at this point with too much traffic which did not help. At the bottom of the hill we stopped to put our waterproofs on and within about two minutes of moving on the sun came out and it stopped raining so we were sweating! 5 miles on we stopped in a KFC in Glastonbury having done 27 miles. We stripped back to sun wear but still light jacket and trousers as the wind was so strong in our face it was keeping us cool while we battled into it. We had to keep stopping for a quick rest every 5 or 10 miles from here as although it was flat the wind was relentless. We went through Othery to Taunton where we only had 7 miles left but we needed a break. You have to concentrate so hard on avoiding the traffic, potholes and not being blown into the curb or the traffic. Following the busy A39 a lorry went past a bit too close for our liking so we pulled off into a side road then Googled our way on bike paths through the town. We stopped at a Tesco express for a loo break and a bite to eat as the wind had seriously reduced our energy levels and the fact we had already done 50 miles at this point. Arriving in Wellington high street there were no Wellington boots but there was a Coral’s betting shop so we stopped to collect our £45 winnings! We found our Spa hotel just as the sun was setting and the wind was calming! It was very nice indeed and thought we might get turned away when they saw us but they welcomed us in. There was an extremely steep driveway to the front door which nearly finished us off! Dinner was lovely and Dad got his well earned and long awaited cheese board for dessert. Our bikes were locked in the Boardroom overnight and we did the final climb of the day up all 3 flights of stairs to our comfy bedrooms.

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