Thursday, 14 April 2011

Camelford to St Agnes

Thursday 14th April 2011 39.57 Miles 3hr 40mins 10.78 mph Average Speed 930.35 Total Miles We had a vegetarian breakfast this morning which was actually quite tasty and filling. Kris was not impressed as he has been looking forward to a full English for a while and Dad was not happy as he had banged his head in the tiny bathroom and dried himself on the damp towel and slept in a damp bed! It was very overcast today but thankfully no rain. We had way too many hills but I think we are finally getting used to them now! We stopped to buy Lucozade in the first mile which is a bad sign! The first 15 miles were straight forward navigation wise as it was all on the same road. We stopped on the bridge over the Camel River just outside Nanstallon where we asked a postman for directions as these tiny lanes were a bit tricky and lacking in sign posts! Shortly after we met Kris who had driven the car to our lunch stop and cycled back to meet us and ride back together. We climbed up and down on tiny lanes all the way to St Columb Major having done 20 miles. Kris left us here and drove in the car to our B&B for the night for a 9 mile run and to meet mum. We found a lovely little Tea room that was built in 1638, we had cream teas that were amazing. We had to take a walk down the garden path to the loo and I misunderstood the directions and ended up in the potting shed! We stayed here for over an hour as it was so nice and paid the bill with all our coins to lighten the purse. The small lanes continued up and down hill to Newlyn East where we came across a road block where a tractor was attempting to pass a horse box in a narrow lane. We have been in sight of a wind farm for the last two days and it was slightly concerning that it was the same one and we have been going round in circles! As we cycled we heard a horn noise and I said what was that, dad said sounds like a steam train. We were in the middle of nowhere and it would be the last thing you would expect then as we turned the corner we came across a miniature steam railway that deserved a short visit. We waited for the train to depart in order to grab a picture but the next train was leaving at 2.40pm and we waited from 2 until 2.10pm. Just as we were about to give up the train set off! Just like the British Rail timetable! We had another short stop in Goonhavern just to put waterproof jackets on as it started to spit. In hindsight this was unnecessary as it stopped 2 minutes later. We joined a busier road for a few miles then back on small lanes to St Agnes. Our map implied the last section was downhill but it seemed to be climb after steep climb until the last half mile that was down. On the descent we saw mum and Kris jumping about at a pub where we joined them for a quick drink having done 40 miles. We went to the B&B and offloaded our gear and after a quick tea in the lounge we got in the car and went half a mile up the road to the beach. We photographed the dramatic coastline and watched the surfers for a bit before heading back into town to a fish and steak restaurant for dinner. Back at the B&B we sat in the lounge playing games, researching accommodation for tomorrow, blogging and falling to sleep! Another early night, and Kris and I got the four poster bed!

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