Sunday, 10 April 2011

Newent to Bath

Sunday 10th April 2011 50.70 Miles 4hr 18mins 11.8mph Average Speed 752.82 Total Miles Breakfast at 8am we went down to a closed restaurant. The same guy that locked up last night arrived to cook us breakfast single handed and the chef turned up just as we finished eating! On the road it was flat for the first 10 miles to Gloucester which is not where the man banged his head and couldn’t get up in the morning! Following Google we were stopped in our tracks as the road raised in front of us to allow a long boat to go through on the river under us and then a marching band serenaded us as we past through the city. We took the bike path our support vehicle found for us which was a bit bumpy but it did cut a busy corner. Unfortunately we had to then climb up to 660ft from sea level which was tough but the downhill was nice! We arrived in Stoud after 20 miles where we met mum and Jill for tea and tea cakes in the pub garden in the sun. Sam purchased a new £8 cycle shirt as she has been wearing the same one for over a week now! We think she just buys new clothes instead of washing them, then today she washed her shirt and the radiators are turned off, typical! The road was fairly flat to Nailsworth where we then climbed a huge hill back up to 660ft which again was tough! We half expected to see Jon coming past in the back of the support vehicle but they were busy shopping and having one last cuppa tea for the road in Stroud! In Leigherton we rolled into the village to the sound of an ice cream van! Dad stopped the van and we enjoyed a lovely ice cream in the sun and a bum rest. Not long after we made it to Luckington after 35 miles and met mum and Jill in a pub garden for a drink and a melted Easter egg! The road continued quite flat with the odd steep climb to put a spanner in the works! The last 5 miles into Bath was all down hill and it was a 12% gradient. With Dad, Sam and I all bracing ourselves on the brakes, Jon was pedalling down! Right near the end I saw a huge pot hole but could not avoid it. My bar bag shot up and my phone flew out the top. As it bounced on the road a few times I hoped it would not cause too much havoc for the others following. Fortunately everyone stopped safe and my phone was ringing so it survived fine. I hit my maximum speed of 30mph! Arriving at the hotel we had done 50 miles on the dot! However we then had to carry our bikes up several steps through a side alley then carry ourselves up 3 floors to our rooms which were lovely! We showered then jumped in the car and made our way over to the city centre for a Paella in a quirky restaurant that was underground and very posh. Back at the hotel we bid farewell to Mum, Jon and Jill then retired for the evening. Thanks to you all for coming down and well done Jon for a great ride and a great achievement.


  1. 5 days to go. see you on tuesday

  2. What is your obsession with black & white cows?? Do you not get them down south?? Hx