Friday, 8 April 2011

Shrewsbury to Bromyard

Friday 8th April 2011 49.05 Miles 4hr 18mins 11.40mph Average Speed 679.60 Total Miles I uploaded the blog at breakfast then we left shortly after 9am. We were riding on tiny lanes all day and the scenery was spectacular. We took an old roman road in the morning that was straight, very narrow and in poor condition. We made it to Church Stretton after 15 miles and sat on a wall outside in the sun with takeaway tea, cookies, flap jacks and almond slice, delicious! However, this moment was almost superseded by our experiences in the very modern public toilet that talked to you! Leaving the village we climbed and climbed. At the top of the hill we could see for miles over the rolling hills it was lovely. We were slightly concerned at one point when we turned the corner to find a ‘Road Closed’ sign in the middle of the lane. Do we risk it or don’t we?! I asked a farmer on his quad bike and he said he thought we could weave our way through so we went for it. The road gradually descended for a couple of miles and we were all thinking I hope we can get through as I’m not climbing back up here! Thankfully we pushed aside the barriers and cycled through dodging the very deep holes that had been dug for replacing pipes. We bypassed ‘pedlars rest’ village and continued on into Ludlow for a break having done 25 miles. Sam found a great little cafĂ© that was tiny and poked down a little alley in the very picturesque town. We sat in the sun and stripped down to shorts and t shirts. We had a pot of tea and tea cakes and could not believe how warm the sun was. So much so, the next stop was at Boots for sun cream! We realised while bathing in the sun that we were now 2/3 of the way to lands end, hurrah! We left Ludlow back on the B roads in the beautiful countryside. I stopped to photograph a black and white cow but I had to climb up in the brambles to do it which was fine until dad started mooing at the cow and the cow started mooing back and I jumped off the bank getting tangled in brambles and shredding my legs which is typical as I had only taken my trousers off for the first time this year only a few minutes earlier! Arriving in Tenbury Wells after 35 miles we had to cross a river to enter the town. It seemed a lovely quaint high street and we could not resist the picnic benches on the riverside in the sun. I fell asleep on the bench while Sam researched her winning horse for tomorrow in the paper and dad read his car magazine, perfect. We stayed for a good hour or so then decided we should move on but we found it hard to leave as we knew we had to climb for the last 10 miles. Thankfully the climbs were long and gradual rather than short and steep, they are much more manageable that way. We arrived in Bromyard and checked into the Falcon Hotel. We locked our bikes in the unused hall then past the bar, ballroom and party room before finding our way through the tiny crooked corridors and stairs to our rooms. The floors are wonky, the ceiling is low and there is an 18th birthday party in one room and a wind orchestra in the ball room, we will get a good night sleep tonight! We crossed the road for dinner which was lovely then took a short walk round the block before returning to the hotel to wait for Mum, Jon and Jill to arrive! How exciting!

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