Monday, 4 April 2011

Dumphries to Glenridding

Sunday 3rd April 2011 70.02 Miles 6hr 18mins 11.11mph Average Speed 457.70 Total Miles We went to breakfast and were greeted by a lovely bag of clean washing just outside our door. All packed we left at 9am and made our way through the town onto our correct route out with the use of google. Our map implied it was flat for 40 miles today then finishing with 20miles uphill however as we left Dumphries we started climbing already! Thankfully the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the gentle wind was behind us and we were flying along. We made it all the way to Gretna about 25 miles on with only a couple of bum break stops. The Gretna we found was a row of 8 tacky shops however an elderly gentleman stopped to talk to us and said follow me to Gretna Green, the real Scotland, as he jumped in his car, so we did. We found a little tourist trap where we grabbed a sandwich and takeaway tea and sat el fresco with a man in his kilt playing his bagpipes. Leaving Gretna we followed the road over the bridge which marks the border of Scotland and England! We stopped to photograph the last and first house in Scotland where thousands of marriages had taken place. We took a shortcut and a very unsuccessful diversion to Hadrians wall. We found the sign post that basically said Hadrians Wall Woz Ere! It used to run right the way through to Carlise but there were no remnants of it to be seen! Disappointing. We carried on through Carlise with google aid and found the black Lion Pub were we took a rest stop for Hot Chocolate Fudge Dessert in the middle of the day! We had done 46 miles at this point! We started climbing gradually and with a few spits of rain we arrived in Greystoke which was a lovely village that was very well kept. We stopped on the village green for a honey roll before continuing on towards the lake district. More uphill through campgrounds and then even more up hills with even larger hills all around we took a brief stop while Dad turned the air blue having done 65 miles and not being impressed with the steep climbs! We had a final steep descent in to Ullswater which was breathtaking. This is where all the postcards of the lake district are taken as it is the most picturesque place. Few photos of the sunset over the water then we arrived at our B&B where we were the only guests. We were all starving and headed straight over to dinner. We were turned away from one place as they took one look at us and said it was smart dress only and it was £40 a head so clearly we looked as though we were out of place! We found a pub with a roaring fire and enjoyed 3 courses including a well earned Sunday Roast. Pat on the back for us. PS. Happy Mother's Day xxx


  1. Hooray - welcome to England!
    Well done you lot, you seem to be going at a far old pace.
    Hopefully see you soon
    Helen & Flo xx

  2. Well done!!! You're in England now, doesn't that mean its all downhill?
    Claire x