Friday, 15 April 2011

St Agnes to Lands End

Friday 15th April 2011 41.49 Miles 3hr 42mins 10.72 mph Average Speed 971.84 Total Miles We left at 9.30am after a breakfast conversation about gardening with the B&B owner and Kris having run up to the beacon and back. Mum and Kris drove off to Hayle while we cycled there. We actually walked the bikes up the road out of the B&B as we learned from yesterdays mistake about pushing cold muscles too far too soon. We bought a lucozade and the lady behind me in the shop sponsored us £5, thank you! We followed the coastal road all day and the scenery was amazing but very hilly! Our first stop was Portreath where we met Mum and Kris, we did not stay long as we were conscious of the huge hill we had to climb out of the town that was lurking over us. We made it out and stopped in a cafĂ© on the North Cliffs instead which was just up the road. Moving on we took a shortcut on tiny lanes where one was covered in cow dung, it’s a good job we have mud guards! We arrived in Hayle where we headed for the best Cornish Pasty shop ever. As we pulled up we were greeted by Mum, Kris and Kim who is Sam’s sister, a professional photographer, that had flown over from Ireland this morning and driven down in a yellow Fiat 500 hire car with black go faster stripes! We enjoyed a freshly baked pasty on the picnic tables before continuing. The others drove off to our B&B to dump Kim’s car then they came back to find us en route to capture the last few miles on camera. Kris had driven straight to Lands End and was cycling back to meet us. We climbed a hill then descended into St Ives where we did not stop we just past through then climbed a stonking hill out of town where we saw our first sign post to Lands End! We got on the B3306 and followed it for the rest of the journey. The road snaked through the countryside from one peninsular to the next all covered in very colourful flora and fauna. It had several short steep climbs and descents that were a killer and left the legs burning. One climb was signposted at 17% but there were several like it. Every now and then we would turn a corner to find mum parked up and Kim poised with camera ready and waiting. Kris caught up with us with 9 miles to go and at St Just dad said I know its only 5 miles from the end but I had better ‘just’ stop to spend a penny ‘just’ in case I cant wait! So we all stopped in town and found a pub next to a bakery, perfect! As mum and Kim set off to Lands End to wait for us and Kris raced a family on cycles to Lands End they left us to plod along the last 5 miles alone. It was quite sad and exciting, all in all a very emotional 5 miles as the end was in sight. We cycled close together and along the home straight to cross the finishing line at Lands End! We had several people cheer us in and congratulate us on our achievement. We made our way over to the famous sign which was actually there but still had to pay £10 to access it to take photos beside it! We were awarded with medals from mum and a bottle of bubbly from Kim! Thanks! We signed the book for all the End to Enders to record our successful ride. There were three other groups of riders also taking photos under the sign as they were just setting off on the trip the right way! We loaded the bikes in the cars and drove to the B&B in Marazion. Our rooms were lovely with a sea view looking over at St Michaels Mount. We showered then drove to Newlyn to a Meadery for a finger food dinner by candle light in a medieval restaurant. After we drove to Praa Sands to the Sand Bar which was right on the beach. There was a great sunset as we sat sipping our drinks and reminiscing about great memories of the last three weeks. Thanks to Mum and Kim for coming to support us and thanks to Kris for inspiring us to do this trip in the first place. Well done to Dad and Sam for making it! 971 miles has been a great challenge and full of memories. Thanks to you both for your company, effort and determination making this trip a complete success from End to End.


  1. Congratulations to all of you. An exceptional achievement that you will all remember forever. However I do take exception with your somewhat frivolous labelling of Philp's as the best pasty shop ever. Be sure to sample Horse and Jockey whilst you're down there! ;)

    Enjoy the rest of your time down there and I look forward to hearing all about it soon.

  2. Well done to you all on a great achievement. Now its time for a rest....... !! Have been following you blog daily and it seemed hard going some of the time, but we admire your determination. See you soon. Love from Jackie & Freddy xx.