Thursday, 14 April 2011

Okehampton to Camelford

Wednesday 13th April 2011

35.70 Miles
3hr 30mins
10.20 mph Average Speed
890.78 Total Miles

Leaving Okehampton we had an extremely steep climb right on our doorstep and with cold muscles at the start of the day this proved quite a struggle. Today was another day of hills but they were generally less steep than yesterday except for the first mile! So we just sat back and found granny gear and plodded pretty much all day.

It was meant to rain all day but it was surprisingly dry until lunch. So we attempted to squeeze as many miles in before stopping as possible. We managed 20 miles to Launceston where we had to climb a long hill and we deserved a rest after it. We enjoyed tea and hot chocolate and teacakes in a little café in the town centre then made a quick lucozade stop before attempting to find our way out of town.

It came to a T junction and according to the road names we did not seem to want either way. One way was steep up and the other way was steep down. I was reluctant to send us either way as I did not fancy retracing our steps! Luckily I guessed right and we went down the hill only to come across a steep climb the other side. There was a man on his cycle in front of us with no luggage and we were slowly gaining on him by the time we reached the top.

We continued on small lanes but before long the rain started so we had a pit stop on the road side hiding behind a house to put our waterproofs on as soon as possible. We had about 8 miles left in the rain and wind which was just about manageable but still hard work. We came across a sign for Camelford that said 5 miles then approximately 2 miles later we saw a sign that said Camelford 4 miles which was hard to believe then less than a stone throw away we found another sign that said Camelford 5 miles again! Sam said she thought she was back in Ireland!

We had to join the busy A395 then busier A39 for the last few miles. The road was quicker but the traffic was worse especially in the rain. Avoiding the cars, cats eyes and gravel in the hard shoulder we entered Camelford and pulled up at some temporary traffic lights. We knew the vegetarian B&B was half a mile away, then as we spotted it we saw the drive, just as a car was pulling out of it and it was Kris! Good timing! We unloaded and sat indoors with a pot of tea to catch up, warm up and dry off.

We jumped in the car and drove to Tintagel to have cream tea and scones in the Camelot Castle Café. It was quirky and very grand situated on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea. Some of the artwork on sale was £17,000 and there were photos of several famous people visiting the castle all over the walls. Dad sat at the round table as if he were a knight! Warming ourselves by the roaring fire we enjoyed the comfy sofas. We drove on to Boscastle which was made famous when it flooded a few years ago. It was very picturesque but we did not get out as it was still raining and very cold. Back in Camelford we enjoyed a pub dinner before retiring at 8pm. 2 days to go!

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