Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Wellington to Okehampton

Tuesday 12th April 2011 45.65 Miles 4hr 28mins 10.23 mph Average Speed 855.08 Total Miles We had a bit of a lay in this morning due to late night last night. Dad woke with a pain in his neck having slept awkwardly. Breakfast was at 8.45am and after some bike maintenance and finishing the blog we made it on the road at 10.30am. We were on mainly small lanes today but they went up and down and up and down all day! The climbs and descents were mostly steep and really took it out of us. It looked as though the person drawing the gradient graph on our map had a bad case of hiccups! We had a brief stop in Uffculme to buy some much needed Lucozade then continued on to Cullompton where we managed to get a cup of tea at the Culm Valley Integrated Centre for Health. We climbed a huge steep hill out of town up to Bradninch and went through some lovely little villages with thatched roofs. We made it to Crediton having done 25 miles it was time for a tea break when we came across The Cheese Café where Dads eyes lit up. We stayed quite a while and had a nice chedder cheese toasty each and a pot of tea for three. We kept climbing on small lanes and made it Bow having done 37 miles. Dad had to ring his bell at a pheasant that was walking along the road in front of him and would not budge. It was sunny but fresh and we could not decide whether it was jackets on or jackets off. It was difficult to judge as we were constantly going up and down hill. In the last 5 miles we had to climb two stonking hills and they were on a busier road. They were tough but we all managed to stay on our bikes. We arrived in Okehampton at about 5.30pm having done 45 miles. Our guesthouse was at the top of another big hill. Comparing each day so far, today was not surprisingly our highest total elevation climb! We have a 5 minute walk into town for dinner and apparently a 10 minute hike back due to the hill! One bonus is that the radiators are switched on here so we can wash our socks and t shirts that have not been washed in over a week and manage to get them dry!

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